Cold november rains

no image would be meritorious to guard your soul.
You know how time is of the essence ? Live your life with all passion and fill up every passing by with all these sentiments. Who says every single second does reckon ?

The day you leave, I was on the road to class, pondering soberly about the plan of forming a new music band with talented guys whom I have just met in the university. They all are from different parts of the country, some loves guitar, some can pluck bass just by 1 forefinger, some are genius composers and some can make up the beat of your life. The only thing they probably share in common is the shed of light in their winking eyes when I mentioned about a girl living in Germany with Hanoi ‘s voice, long long hair and the immense passion to devote her life for singing. We got a band, you see…with everything run perfectly just to await for a true singer to emerge and sing us the July song of Rain. That speculation would probably never exists.

The day you leave, cold November rains were drenching the earth lending everything the gloomy air of Flemish landscape : the ground crew in waterproofs, a flag atop a squat airport building, a BMW billboard. So-Germany again. I always feel uneasy why people are departing so brisk. It always drives me uncomfortable when after been attaching so long to one thing, suddenly you have to be realistic about a coming forever break point which will never be found again in these messy stuffs. Yet unexpectedly I see that separation nothing more than a intersection among vast number of points in our lifetime. How ephemeral life is, we still choose to join and take chances to be together. Am I a silly child going mature or this whole world just swiftly shrink into a small dot, since I have just realized there was something I would eternally miss, perhaps that cold November rain pouring down on me.

The day you leave, people rush on the internet, saying hi to each other with kindness and hospitality in the echoing voice, so warm and affectionate that I feel you have just given them fabulous opportunities to socialize and reinforce the friendship links that have been neglected for a long time. How many of those long forsaken conversations I wonder, have true motivations because of you. They could being panicked but is it really related to your journey ? Or just because something reminded them how harsh they have been and how ruthlessly they had threw the image of friends in the most morose and lonesome corner their souls could ever been aware of.

Ngày bạn ra đi, Frankfurt có thể đã mưa rất nhiều nhưng trên xứ sở quê hương nơi bạn đã sinh ra, không hề có 1 giọt lệ rơi. Tôi thức dậy sớm như thường lệ để nghe đời và tìm lại mình sau mất mát, để tìm thấy sương trắng lan ra khắp những con đường, hoà trong dòng người như cố làm lãng quên đi cả thành phố. Một thoảng chốc, đất trời như đã được nối lại vì sương và lần đầu tiên trong ánh ban mai, tôi không tìm thấy một luồng sáng nào rực rỡ. Bạn là sương là gió hay là trong những nụ cười cho đi không trở lại ? Bạn là mưa ngâu tháng 7, mưa phùn tháng 3 hay là 1 cơn mưa không tên mà ai cũng sẽ nhớ ?

A cold November rain.


~ by kh0i on December 26, 2008.

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